French lentil  warm salad 

We are 1 day out from spring ! Woohoo.  But that doesn't mean we still can't enjoy the comfort foods, but as always there a ways to enjoy everything. So here's our take on a typical "French comfort food" that won't kill that upcoming summer bod.  Ingredients  1 cup brown lentil  3 large mushroom cups … Continue reading French lentil  warm salad 


Moreish Coeliac friendly rocky road 

Spring is slowly approaching, and in the between the hectiness of placement, the running shoes are coming out along with some delicious chocolate treats 👌🏼 this time we've ventured out to make a non traditional gluten free rocky road !  So here's what'll you need.  Ingredients  1. 300g dark chocolate melting buttons  2. 5-6 gluten… Continue reading Moreish Coeliac friendly rocky road 


Buffalo mozzarella vegetarian + gluten free lasagna

Hello Everyone!!! We've being super busy with uni, as usual!! But in our lives there is also time to make delicious food. So here's today's creation. A vegetarian and gluten free lasagna that tastes even better than a traditional lasagna 🙂 Ingredient Sauce for dishes  2 tbsp olive oil  1 large brown onion 1 garlic… Continue reading Buffalo mozzarella vegetarian + gluten free lasagna