Kangaroo salad

Australia šŸ‡¦šŸ‡ŗĀ = kangaroo so why not start introducing it into Ā your diet! Itā€™s very sustainable/not farmed and jammed packed with protein, omega 3s and low in fat ( only 2%!!) So here's what you'll need INGREDIENTS 400 g kangaroo fillet 100g crushed walnuts 4 large handfuls rocket (arugula) 8 black or red plums and 1… Continue reading Kangaroo salad


Summer fruit bliss balls

With the beautiful Adelaide sun finally coming out of hiding.. it's time to embrace the delicious summer fruits ! So here's our take on bliss balls. They are super easy, nut free, dairy free and best of all only requires 4 ingredients for bliss ball. Here's what'll you need. Ingredients for lemon bliss ball Makes… Continue reading Summer fruit bliss balls


Moreish Coeliac friendly rocky roadĀ 

Spring is slowly approaching, and in the between the hectiness of placement, the running shoes are coming out along with some delicious chocolate treats šŸ‘ŒšŸ¼ this time we've ventured out to make a non traditional gluten free rocky road !  So here's what'll you need.  Ingredients  1. 300g dark chocolate melting buttons  2. 5-6 gluten… Continue reading Moreish Coeliac friendly rocky roadĀ 


Death by Chilli chickpea stir fryĀ 

Welcome foodie friends to 2017!!!! What an exciting year for us both, well I would say 60% excited and 40% s*%#t scared šŸ˜…. The reason for this is that this is our FINAL year of our masters degree in dietetics! yippee. So between doing clinical placement, flying to Alice springs for community placement (Chloe only)… Continue reading Death by Chilli chickpea stir fryĀ